Garden Club blossoms back

FAIRMONT — The warm, summer season is here, and organizations and events all around Fairmont are blooming right into action. The Garden Club of Fairmont ‘rose’ into development in the city of lakes in 1940, inviting people of the community to immerse themselves in environmental activities to enhance their skills in their garden. Many things have evolved significantly since 1940; the City of Lakes Garden Club serving to create ‘Victory Gardens’ for troops in World War II. Now, Leslie Walkowiak is president of the City of Lakes Garden Club and oversees club activity.

According to Walkowiak, there are a total of 10 active members of the club and they’re seeking to expand the current quantity. Walkowiak mentioned that the club was open and unrestricting to new members, welcoming every person intrigued to join a group of like-minded individuals with a passion for outdoors and plant-care-regardless of their skill level in the gardening field or if they simply started with no prior expertise or experience.

“western”>We try to reach people who are interested in gardening and learning about new plants, interesting ways to plant them, and special gardening tips that will make things easier in the garden,” Walkowiak explained.

The Garden Club engages and is involved in community activities and areas of interest; donating trees to parks, planting flowers and rejuvenating ‘Welcome to Fairmont’ signs near the highways entering the town. The Garden Club has been involved greatly with the Lakeside Cemetery in Fairmont, planting flowers by the entrance. The Garden Club takes responsibility for the plants, the donations and distributions of said plants, and the maintenance in order to keep them alive and thriving over the summer season.

“western”>The garden club has several civic projects that we participate in throughout the year. We periodically take field trips to area or regional public gardens, or to members’ and friends’ gardens,” Walkowiak stated, sharing more about the club agenda.

Walkowiak and the Garden Club are eagerly preparing for one of their biggest events of the season, The Garden Party and Plant Swap, that will be held from 9 to 11 a.m. this Saturday, June 8 at Fairmont’s Lincoln Park’s (1301 N North Ave) open shelter. It makes a perfect, relaxing outdoor event prior to the Interlaken Heritage Days events following that evening. The Garden Party and Plant Swap is a free event, and encourages anyone and everyone to be in attendance. Fairmont gardeners may bring assortments of plants, seeds, produce, tools, and more.

“western”>For every plant you bring to the Swap, you may take a plant home. If you don’t have any plants to bring, you can take a plant home by leaving a donation in exchange. We will also have gardening items to bid on in our Silent Auction, and there will be some craft ideas for the kiddos and the young at heart,” Walkowiak added.

The City of Lakes Garden Club gathers at 1 p.m., on the first Wednesday of each month, year-round. The meetings are selected by each member of the club, in which the host will select the location of the club gathering, from member households to neighboring parks. The schedule of club meetings is subject to change. The club boosts its outreach with advertisements, local papers, word of mouth and outreach events for community engagement. Suggestions for next steps for the Garden Club are passed along through members. Contact Walkowiak for further inquiries about becoming a Garden Club member.

“western”>Seeing the trees and flowers blooming this year has been exceptionally beautiful. The rain has made everything so green and lush,” Walkowiak happily remarked, noting the beauty of the greenery  around the county now that summer has arrived.


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