Council looks ahead to repairs

SHERBURN — Sherburn City Council met Tuesday evening since their regular Monday meeting day was on a holiday. Derek Behrens from Bolton and Menk reported on the water main line on the east side of Main Street from the county road to 2nd Street. He reported bids to do the repair/replace and the council discussed the project and tabled the approval until more information regarding funding could be gathered. The council would like the work done before the Hwy. 4 project so the area is not dug up twice. There will be two bids as the water main line and the pavement are separate bids. There may be a minor increase. The hydrants that are present will be left and no new hydrants will be purchased.

The meeting continued with an acceptance of a donation to the fire department for the Sherburn Fire Hall from Bev Roben of $500 and a donation of $50 to the Sherburn Library by Bonnie B. Temperance Lake Ridge finances were discussed and a proposed transfer from the operating account to the capitol account was approved.

The telecommunication company that was to provide internet to 11 people is not providing that as MIDCO is the provider. The company has a connection to the water tower and is being sent power. This will be discussed in closed session due to privacy.

Central Park equipment needs repairs and the council approved the bid since the work needs to be done for the safety of children.

Burkhart and Burkhart auditors requested a mid-year audit for the first six months of the year. The council approved this audit.

Ron Beckius asked several questions of the council. One was why was the water rate Increase not implemented a little each year instead of all at once now, since the increase was connected to the water treatment project in 2021. The council explained that it fell through the cracks since there were several administration changes since 2021. Mr. Beckius also asked if there could be separate police in Sherburn and separate in Welcome to save money and hours for officers. Several towns have only one officer and when that officer is not on duty the Sheriff is on call for shots fired and burglary etc. but not dogs barking etc. The council explained that this concept has been discussed before. They also wondered if officers would apply for work in this area.

The council discussed several points of interest in the Consent Agenda report, one of which was the inconsistent amounts paid by Temperance Lake Ridge facility and why they were different sometimes. The council mentioned the higher legal amounts paid. The

administration will check into the amounts the council mentioned and the council approved the rest of the Consent Agenda.

The Administrator’s report included that the credit card payment equipment is installed and will be working soon. Foxlake Township has paid their share and also for next year.

Council reports asked about the inventory at the bar and that is not done yet but almost done. There is a tree in the south park that needs to be removed. City Works plans to do that in the spring.

In other news:

— The Lions Club’s request for a gambling permit for June 15 was approved.

— Cemetery committee met and were concerned about mowing and other issues like stones and

liability and will be meeting in April.

— The lot west of the city hall will be discussed in the closed session along with personnel issues and the internet company.

The City Council went into closed session.

The next meeting of the Sherburn City Council is planned for 5 p.m. on March 4 at the city hall in Sherburn.


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