Live Fit expands with offerings

ABOVE: Fairmont CrossFit has recently moved inside Live Fit Sport and Wellness Center in Fairmont. As a result, the fitness center plans to expand in the coming year to accommodate for the growth of CrossFit and Parisi.

FAIRMONT– Since opening about three and a half years ago, Live Fit Sport and Wellness Center in Fairmont has added a number of exciting offerings. Recently, the fitness center absorbed Fairmont CrossFit and now has plans to expand in order to accommodate the added offering.

Live Fit takes up the majority of the former Kmart building, which it shares with Tractor Supply Company. Live Fit opened in 2020 with a running track, artificial turf, two half courts for basketball, volleyball or racquetball, locker rooms, showers, tanning beds, two saunas and many pieces of traditional exercise equipment. It also has massage and chiropractic services.

Alex Schliesmann, Live Fit’s owner, shared what they’ve added since then.

“We added two Trackman golf simulators. We just put in a brand new cold tub last month for cold tub therapy, that’s new,” Schliesmann said.

While the basketball courts can be used for pickleball, Schliesmann said they’ve ordered new flooring specifically for pickleball, which should be coming in the next few weeks.

The recent addition of CrossFit is a big and noticeable change as well.

“Andy (Sodersten, head trainer at Fairmont CrossFit) approached me and we bought them out. LiveFit absorbed CrossFit,” Schliesmann said.

He said that initially there were conversations about renting space at Live Fit, but when the idea of absorbing it was brought up, Schliesmann was excited about the prospect.

“We thought it would be easier for memberships,” Schliesmann said. “Every CrossFit member has access to all seven CrossFit classes and everything at Live Fit.”

One of the benefits to absorbing CrossFit is that it adds another element to Live Fit and more options for members. A bonus is that it’s all conveniently under one roof.

“Now we offer a ton of classes. We have classes throughout the whole day. There’s the classes I teach, Silver Sneakers, and all that,” Schliesmann said.

Along with eight CrossFit coaches, there are four Live Fit trainers that teach a variety of classes from circuit and strength training to flexibility and yoga.

Not only does Live fit serve its members, but it also opens up the space for other groups in the community.

Martin County Magic, the Fairmont-Martin County West gymnastics program, uses Live Fit, not only for practices, but as the host of its varsity and junior varsity home meets.

“Both Fairmont and MCW CER (Community Education and Recreation) run youth gymnastics programs here,” Schliesmann said.

Partnering with and collaborating with other groups is something Schliesmann enjoys doing and would like to do more of. He said that both Fairmont and Granada-Huntley-East Chain’s golf teams have come in to use the golf simulators and putting green and Fairmont’s cross country team has come in to use the running track, too.

“We do a lot of things with the local sports teams for sure,” Schliesmann said.

All in all, Live Fit has nearly 2,000 members and it recently gained all 100 of Fairmont CrossFit members. Schliesmann noted that many of the members come from outside Fairmont and even outside of Martin County.

“We bring people in. We bring lots of people in from northern Iowa. Recently we had a lady come in with a friend and she lives in Madelia but she signed up to be a member here. She lives in Madelia, works in Mankato, and comes to the gym here,” he said.

With the addition of people, equipment and offerings, Live Fit has made the decision to expand. Schliesmann explained that the idea was already on the table because they wanted to expand the Parisi Speed School, which is a national sports performance clinic.

“We want to do an expansion of that and CrossFit to grow those programs,” he said.

Schliesmann explained that there still remains a good amount of unused space on the backside of the building.

“It’s space I’m not currently renting but I’ll add it to my space and expand into it. We plan on starting that within the next 12 months,” Schliesmann said.

He noted that since opening, business has been good and they’ve been growing more quickly than they had expected by adding several hundred members a year.

“That’s why we’re expanding and investing in the business,” Schliesmann said.


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