Council considers sale of hemp products

WELCOME — The Welcome City Council met Tuesday evening and discussed the possibility of the Fab Shop applying for a city license to sell hemp products. Lee and Emily Hanson explained their crop of hemp and that it is not high in THC such as marijuana. They will only sell hemp products and already have a grower’s license. They will apply for a license in the City and with the MN Health Department. Both the city council and the Hansons agreed that Welcome would like more business and that they both want to “do it right.” The state does not allow products to be sold with over .2 percent THC in them. Hemp has a very small amount of THC, not near that amount. Products sold at the Fab Shop are candles with hemp oil, some CBD products, tee-shirts and hats and a package of small ‘smokies’ which none of the products has a high amount of THC. They reported that they have $100,000 invested in their business and do not want to risk that by offering high THC products. The Hansons will come to city hall and apply for the license with the correct forms.

In further business, the council discussed the vacating of a building at 410 4th Street in Welcome that is abandoned and has open windows and other hazardous points. The owner will be sent a letter and must fix the property so that it has no hazardous openings and would be fenced in and signage up about it being a hazardous building. If the owner does not do those things in five days then the City will do them and add those expenses to the owner’s

taxes. The council approved that plan.

The council approved the proposed budget plans for 2024 and discussed the changes made. It discussed having a rotation-type plan to maintain or replace city owned equipment. The budget would have money allocated each year to the fund and then when the large expense for replacement of old equipment happens there would be some funds to help with that expense. They would start with the oldest equipment and the equipment that has a large

amount of service hours. Capitol expenses needs to be increased.

The council discussed tree trimming and asked that the cemetery board come to the city council meeting and let the City know how they would like to have the trees trimmed at the cemetery. The budget this year has $6,000 left in the cemetery fund and it could be increased by $2,000 for next year which would be about $28,000 then. The council approved the increase. Russell Plumhoff will be power washing some stones at the cemetery and the council approved the use of City water for that reason.

The council also approved purchasing new seat covers for both trucks at $800 since they were on sale. They are made of material similar to Carhartt products and have a warranty.

The City Works employee also reported that the dump truck will need some service about an oil leak. He also mentioned that the old water meter heads could be recycled. The council requested that he report why the meter heads need to be recycled. He asked about the new yellow trucks electrical switch and will check with Hawkins about that switch.

Police Chief, Trevor Yochim, reported to the council and explained that the Welcome hours were less last month due to the vandalism investigation. The perpetrator is now in the court system. He was asked if a resident could shoot a varmint within the City. He okayed the use of small firearms to kill varmints if the shot was on the residents own property.

He cautioned that firearms higher than .177 caliber are not to be discharged in the City and that residents must be on their own property and take special care that neighboring

pets are not around. The council discussed future ordinances if necessary.

In other news:

— The Truth in Taxation meeting will be scheduled for 6 p.m. on Dec. 5, at the city hall in Welcome.

— The sludge hauler will not be hauling this fall and another hauler needs to be found. The council asked the City Works employee to look into finding someone that can vacuum and fits in the welcome site and does not load on top. Haulers that work for nearby cities

were mentioned.

— The city clerk reported that the City website company was sold and the price with the new company would be more than double and would use programs a small city did not need. She investigated nearby cities and asked the council if she could get bids from Go Daddy company to design and service the City website. The council approved.

The next meeting of the Welcome City Council is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Oct. 3, at Welcome City Hall.


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