Community garden rules approved

WELCOME — The Welcome City Council met on Tuesday evening. The community gardens were discussed with a list of rules provided by the Park Board approved. The applications will be available at city hall now. The Park Board will make the decisions about the six plots on a first-come, first-serve basis. The gardeners must keep the plots clean and orderly and bring their own water to the plots which are west of Keck Park. The Park Board has three tables for outside that will match the tables inside for the Keck Park Shelter House. They were ordered at $1,300 per table and will be a very nice addition to the park area.

Snow removal from sidewalks with the skid loader equipped with a broom was also discussed. Snow by the city hall must be cleaned before or by 7 a.m. and the snow from sidewalks should be put in the street and then the street should be cleaned to avoid ice build

up by the sidewalk.

There was a joint powers meeting on Tuesday and the mayor reported that they discussed buying a used newer model truck for the Jetter truck to clean out storm sewers etc. The one used now needs much repair. The bid for a truck was discussed and the Council approved buying one that Sherburn found. The council also wanted to remind the city’s using the truck to log in the hours and check off the maintenance list after each use. They thought they may get $25,000 for the old truck and the new one would be about $230,000 with Sherburn paying 40 percent, Welcome paying 27 percent, Trimont also paying 27 percent and Dunnell paying 6 percent aligned with the population of each town. The mayor and clerk will let the other towns know their decision.

The Welcome pickup used for plowing is in sad shape also. The council approved asking for more information about a one-ton Chevy truck with a standard cab and 8 foot box and hook up for a plow. The truck will cost around $50,000+ and is a government bid from the state also. The box will be protected and used for sand and salt. The City Works employee will come back to the next meeting with more information about the bid. The City Works

employee also reported on a bid for a plow for that truck. He hopes to get a bargain possibly from another city and will watch for a good buy. The City has budgeted for these expenses and hopes to keep the repair/replace in a rotation of a certain amount of years so there will not be a large expense for several items of equipment in one year.

Moving to other matters, Chief of Police, Trevor Yochim, reported to the council and discussed the request to park with parking lights on. He reported that the police commission approved parking with no lights since there is no impeding of traffic or risk of accidents. He also introduced former officer, John Auringer, who will be the Chief of Police in Trimont. The council thanked him for his service and wished him well in his new office.

In other news:

— The council approved the chapters in the safety manual regarding excavation and trenching, confined spaces, hazardous energy control lock out tag out and personal protection equipment.

— The council approved some additions and subtractions from the personnel handbook concerning part-time salaries and raises and no use of tobacco products in City equipment and vehicles.

— Welcome Historical Society asked for a bench by the museum in memory of long-time Welcome resident, Marsha Williams, who worked on the museum and the Martin County Cancer Relay for Life. The council approved.

The next meeting of the Welcome City Council is planned for 6 p.m. on April 4 at Welcome City Hall.


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