Tino finds joy in giving back

ABOVE: Betsy Tino of Fairmont has been named a '4 Under 40' recipient.

FAIRMONT– Betsy Tino, a Fairmont native, has been selected as a recipient of ‘4 Under 40.’ The program, now in its third year, recognizes up and coming leaders in Martin County.

Tino is a 2002 graduate of Fairmont High School. She and her husband, Dustin, also a 2002 graduate, went to Winona State University, where Betsy graduated with a degree in graphic design.

Next, the couple moved to Florida for a few years and then moved back to Minnesota, to Duluth, for several years. They have been back in Fairmont for almost six years.

When asked if she ever planned on moving back home, Tino said, “definitely not. The reason was our daughter. We wanted to move closer to grandma and grandpa We were also ready for a change in career.”

In order to ensure they would both have jobs here, the Tinos actually opened their own business. They bought a Minuteman Press and opened a new store in Fairmont. Minuteman Press is an independently owned printing franchise.

“We have some guidelines but we have a lot of creativity over our own business,” Tino said.

The business was originally located inside Five Lakes Centre but almost two years ago it moved to 414 N. State St. in Fairmont.

Through their business, the Tinos have been able to give back quite a bit to their community.

“We try our best. It’s definitely rewarding to donate something and give back,” Tino said.

As a local business owner, Tino is also passionate about supporting other businesses in the community. This past year around Christmas, Minuteman Press was a sponsor for free Christmas movies that were shown at Fairmont 5 Theatres .

“We had a lot of fun going to the movies. We went to as many as we could. It’s a great family thing,” Tino said.

However, she said that even giving time is valuable for many organizations and that a lot in a lot of cases projects need donated time in order get accomplished

Outside of her work, Tino has gotten involved in a number of organizations in Fairmont. First she joined Project 1590’s Kids Just Want to Have Fun committee, which is responsible for both the indoor playground at Five Lakes Centre and mini golf course near the Fairmont Aquatic Park.

Tino is also the current president of Partners in Education (PIE) and the vice president of the Early Risers Kiwanis.

She’s a member of Immanuel Lutheran Church and on the board of education there, as well as a regular ambassador for the Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce.

“I’m also a parent to a girl scout troop who gets to regularly attend meetings,” Tino said with a laugh.

While she joined the groups gradually, Tino pointed out that they all have to do with helping children.

“Anything that helps kids is my passion. So is finding groups that need people. There are boards out there that don’t need people, but I like to help where help is needed,” Tino said.

Her advice to others looking to get involved is to find something they’re passionate about. She said she and Dustin have been asked to join other groups, but they choose to get involved where they’re passionate.

While other obligations, such as caring for their two children, ages 9 and 4, along with owning a business, prevents them from putting much more on their plates, Tino said she would help people research groups to help them get involved.

“If everyone joins one group, then one person doesn’t have to join multiple groups,” Tino pointed out.

As for how to juggle a busy schedule, Tino recommended Google calendars. She also said prepping food for the week on the weekends has helped her plan ahead for herself and her family.

“If I’m up early in the morning (Early Risers Kiwanis meet at 6:45 a.m.), I get backpacks ready at night so everyone has what they need for school. Pre-planning and checking your schedule really helps,” Tino said.

Tino shared that she was nominated for the award by her fellow Kids Just Want to Have Fun committee member, Laura Olsen.

“I felt honored and surprised. A lot of us who do end up involved, just do. We don’t do it to get recognized. We just get it done,” Tino said.

She extended appreciation for everyone in Fairmont who is working on maintaining what’s here and working to offer more.

“We’re happy to be back in Fairmont. It’s been an interesting change but we’re eager to see where the future goes for Fairmont,” Tino said.

The recognition event will take place at 5:50 p.m. on March 14 at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Fairmont. At that time Tino, along with Tonya Mortensen, Brittany Anderson and Matt Lange will be recognized. Tickets can be found, along with more information, at twinvalleybsa.org/4under40.


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