Council answers resident questions

CEYLON– Ceylon City Council met Tuesday and during the public comment portion two residents asked some questions. One resident wanted to know if they could remove and replace two sidewalk partitions on their property since a tree root was pushing the sidewalk up and making an unsafe sidewalk. The council looked at the pictures of the sidewalk and approved their request. This resident also asked what could be done about a disruptive neighbor. The council recommended calling law enforcement and/or human services.

A second resident asked why the car and camper confiscated in the abatement dealings was by the dump and not taken care of. The council reminded the resident things have to be done according to protocol and law and the items are going to be sold for salvage soon. Other properties with junk were mentioned and the council remarked that abatements continue and they take time to work.

The regular meeting got underway and the council accepted with thanks the $1,000 donation given by the Howell Auctioneers after the spring auction. The council also approved city hall as the polling place for the general election on Nov. 8.

The council was given the initial 2023 budget and will review it and bring back suggestions to the next meeting. The final approval will be held in December.

Broadband to the city-owned buildings was discussed. The REA will work on getting grants for businesses hook ups and the council will contact them to make sure the buildings they hope to hook up are on that grant.

Reports from city employees and council members followed. Jim Plumhoff asked who owned the trailer parked where the old grocery store used to be. No one knew and they gave permission to open the padlock to see if there was some information inside as the trailer is on city property.


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