Council hears highway plans

SHERBURN– Sherburn City Council met Monday evening at Sherburn City Hall and the meeting began with a resident explaining her ordinance violation by having five dogs (ordinance allows three). She explained that they were support dogs and that she had them registered as such and a doctor’s affidavit. She showed the council the bark collar she uses on them. The council told her that the matter had been turned over to law enforcement and that the County Attorney would review the citation and recommended she appeal the court.

Greg Mitchell from Bolton and Menk also presented an update on the Osborne Street and other streets project. The contractor told him they would begin this week although the manhole covers are still in production. They will begin from the south to the north on Osborne to 5th Street. They hope to do Osborne, 1st Street, and 2nd Street this year. They will do sanitary and water mains and curbs. Trees have been marked for removal since there are water mains underneath them.

A question about removing ash trees at a reduced rate for residents was discussed. The council will try to ask residents if they would like the ash trees removed now since it would be twice as expensive if removed privately later. The contractor will try to maintain access to driveways but there may be some times when access may not be


MnDOT representatives, Glen Coudron and Tony Rotchadl, presented some updates about the Highway 4 project slated in 2024 from Iowa to St. James. There were open meetings at Sherburn and Trimont last week. They explained that they are in the design phase now and in 2023 the bid phase will hopefully take place with the construction to hopefully be done in 2024. The designs were shown and discussion was held about the sidewalk on the east side of the highway north of 5th Street. The council approved a plan to have a sidewalk on the west side of the highway and to repair the east side sidewalk up to Temperance Lake road. The sidewalk under the overpass will give access to the east sidewalk. There will be no crossing sign to the north of 5th Street. This part of the design

would cost about $100,000. The sidewalk from Front Street to 5th Street was also discussed. The sidewalk by the community building/theatre will be saved and made wider since there are rooms underneath that sidewalk and the building is on the National Historic register. Lighting was also discussed with the flashing light on 5th Street intersection replaced by the City since it is obsolete. The wiring and conduits were replaced a long time ago so those will need replacing. Some poles will require adjustments and relocation due to sidewalk construction. Water main curb boxes, valve adjustments,

and manhole adjustments will be necessary because of paving. Main Street will be resurfaced which is taking a layer off and replacing a layer, and the northern part will be reclaiming the surface. Most businesses will need a back entrance, temporary walkway or pad. They will not close all the intersections at one time.


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