Volunteers needed for clean-up

FAIRMONT– The community is asked to help the Fairmont Lakes Foundation clean up the shores of Budd Lake this Saturday morning beginning at 8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Jon Omvig, the foundation’s chairman, said while they try to do one or two clean-ups a year, it hasn’t taken place over the past two years.

“This will be the first one in quite a while,” he said.

Volunteers will meet at Gomsrud Park in Fairmont. In the past, Pheasants Forever has been loyal volunteers at the clean-up. Members of the Lakes Foundation also participate and anyone else who can is encouraged to show up and help.

“We’d love to have so many volunteers that we can expand it into Sisseton, also,” Omvig said.

He said they’d also encourage any property owner on any of the lakes to use the opportunity to clean up their own lake shore.

“The city will have trucks for us at Gomsrud and they’ll help haul the trash away,” Omvig said.

In the past, some larger items that have been pulled from the lakes during clean-ups include computer monitors, pieces of a broken paddle boat and tires.

“I remember when I was younger, people would use tires as the bumper on their docks and they’d end up in the lake. We’re chasing them years later,” Omvig said.

During the clean-up the Lakes Foundation will have some kayaks available for people to use. Otherwise, walkers along the shoreline can collect trash. People can also help by using their own boat or waders.

This year, Fairmont Brewing Company will give a discount coupon to anyone who shows up for use at the brewery.

“It’s good to see new businesses embrace the lakes,” Omvig said.

Saturday’s clean-up will also provide a great opportunity for people to stop by and ask members that are there anything about the Lakes Foundation.

Some of the things the Lakes Foundation does is put on both a winter ice fishing tournament and a summer fishing tournament. It’s also purchased fish for stocking in the lake and has been involved in getting new vegetation along the lakes. Members have also looked at some water quality issues.

“There’s a lot of opportunities for people to get involved, as much or as little as they want,” Omvig said.

Fairmont’s five lakes are a point of pride not just for those whose homes and businesses are on them, but for all who live in the community.

“We call ourselves the city of lakes, right? I think it’s important for not only the people on the lakes, but everyone in town to embrace the lakes,” Omvig said.


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