Werre learns from and gives to community

FAIRMONT– Hubble Werre may be a newer addition to Fairmont’s community, but he’s proven to have a significant impact in the time he’s been here. Werre has been selected as one of four recipients of “4 Under 40,” a new program that recognizes up-and-coming leaders in the community.

Werre is the senior plant manager at 3M in Fairmont. He moved to the community with his family in June 2020

While he’s lived in several states during his adult life, Werre actually grew up in Bemidji, Minnesota and graduated from high school there.

“I went to college in Boseman at Montana State University,” Werre said.

He got a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and graduated in 2006. It was while he was in college that Werre was introduced to 3M.

“While I was in college I did a co-op experience with 3M so I had the chance to work at three different 3M facilities, two of which were in the Twin Cities and one in Irvine, California,” Were said.

Upon graduating, Werre joined 3M right out of college. He started working full-time at the St. Paul offices and stayed there about six years.

In 2009, Werre married Samantha, who he had known since high school.

“Then we moved down to Decatur, Alabama and lived there for about two years,” Werre said.

That was over 2012- 2014. Then the couple move to California as Werre’s job with 3M led them there. He worked at two facilities in Irvine as a product manager. The family, which includes Georgia, 10, Jameson, 7, and June, 2, lived in California for five years.

“From there we moved back to Minnesota where it’s nice and cold,” Werre said with a laugh.

But on a serious note, he said that he and his wife, who is also from Bemidji, consider Minnesota home.

“An opportunity opened up for the plant manager and it was a growth opportunity for me. It was also an opportunity back to Minnesota, where we wanted to be,” Werre said.

As plant manager, Werre has overall accountability of what happens at 3M. That includes overseeing the 100 employees at Fairmont’s site.

Werre has managed to get involved in several area organizations since coming to Fairmont. He’s a member of Fairmont Rotary Club and has done work with Habitat for Humanity and Hot Meals on Wheels.

He’s also involved with 3M Gives, which donates money to a variety of organizations around the community like the Fairmont Opera House, Heaven’s Table Food Shelf and area schools.

With Covid, Werre said some things are different right now but 3M is a strong supporter of robotics programs in area schools. He said 3M has a program called “visiting wizards” that he would like to start back up.

“People with science backgrounds go to the elementary level students and share the excitements and joys of science, technology, engineering and math,” Werre said.

Outside of the groups he’s involved with, Werre is busy keeping up with his children’s schedules, too. His oldest daughter was recently in an Opera House production and his son is a big sports fan.

He said the nice part about moving around is it gave him and his family the opportunity to experience different scales of communities.

“A smaller community like how we grew up in Bemidji fit our lifestyle and that’s what we wanted our kids to experience as well,” Werre said.

Living several places, Werre said he’s found you’ll always get something new from a new community. Down in Alabama he found southern hospitality and in California there was a slower-paced atmosphere.

“As much as I and my family can get from a community and experience, we want to give back as well,” Werre said.

He said that counts for donations and time in order to strengthen the community. Werre said giving to a community also helps one become connected to a community.

Werre admitted he was surprised to learn he had been selected as a recipient of 4 Under 40 with the main reason being his short time spent here.

“I also felt a sense of honor. Although I haven’t been a part of this community that long, it was willing to recognize me not just myself, but with 3M and what we can do for the community,” Werre said.

He and the other three recipients, Linsey Preuss, Jen Kahler and Stephanie Busiahn will be recognized at 5:30 p.m. on Feb. 24 at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Fairmont. Tickets are on sale now at twinvalleybsa.org/4under40.

“In the short time span I’ve been in this community, I’ve met tons of people deserving of this award and that’s what I like about this community– it’s a community. There’s a sense of togetherness, doing what we can to make our area as good as possible,” Werre said.


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