District auction offers old, new

FAIRMONT– A variety of memorabilia and other items will be available at an auction the Fairmont Area School District is putting on today. The auction starts at 5:45 p.m. and will take place at the district maintenance shop at 1500 S. Prairie.

The district’s building and grounds director, Tyler Garrison, said the auction will provide the community a chance to get some items they might be interested in.

“Some of it is excess items in the district due to upgrades. Some of them just aren’t used anymore,” he said.

Garrison also said they’re short on storage right now and no longer have the space to keep holding some older items.

“With Covid, we’ve had to downsize in the classrooms so we’re storing more and more tables and items temporarily so that kids can be spaced out. We’re crunched for storage so it forced us to get rid of a few items,” Garrison said.

There are some of the original 1970 seats out of the Performing Arts Center at the high school that Garrison said they saved after new seats were installed in 2019.

“We kept some of the in case people would want them for a home movie theater or something,” he said.

There are also some vintage score boards Garrison said have been in storage.

“We have some electric scoreboards, too. I know some people put them in their garage or a bar room,” he said said.

Some bigger items include snowblowers, a lawnmower, golf cart, garden tractor and an antique office cabinet.

“I was told it came out of the original high school that burned down. Joe (Brown) had it in his office. It’s a neat piece,” Garrison said.

A trailer and train set that has been used in parades, but is no longer needed, will be up for auction as well.

A few years ago, quite a few items in the woodshop classroom were updated and Garrison said they’ve had the older items, including shop tools and table saws, in storage. They will be up for auction as well.

Garrison sad typically the money that comes from the auction will go back into the district’s general fund. He said they’ve held auctions with the city and the county in the past, but they’re doing this one privately.

“We thought this time with our vintage stuff, we want local people to have a chance at it,” Garrison said.


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