City staff ready to give updates

FAIRMONT– While few Fairmont community members showed up to this year’s third installment of conversations with the city at the SMEC building on Thursday evening, city staff still provided several updates.

City Administrator Cathy Reynolds said the events serve as an opportunity for community members to come out and informally ask questions to city staff.

Reynolds said that the rental housing ordinance, which was discussed at length the last two city council meetings, is on the agenda for Monday evening’s meeting.

“It’s still ongoing and we’ll see where council wants to take it on Monday’s meeting,” she said.

A question was asked about the status of the new Public Works building and Reynolds said it’s moving along and staying on budget. She said the roof will be going on over the next few weeks and it’s still on schedule to open in February.

Nick Lardy, superintendent of streets and parks, shared an update on his department. Lardy said they’re finishing up asphalt patching, after patching sewer digs and storm sewer repairs. He said they plan to do Blue Earth Ave. in the next week.

Lardy shared that park bathrooms were closed for the year on Oct. 18, except for at the soccer fields as practice is still happening. He said at Cedar Creek Park the garage bathrooms are open year-round.

Lardy said most of the park picnic tables and benches have been put into storage for the year. They’ve also begun pulling docks, with the exception of the Amber Lake dock and the Budd Lake landing dock.

“The yard waste site does close Dec. 1. Contractors are able to use it if they have a permit. General use is shut down. The tree grinding guy is supposed to be back tomorrow,” Lardy said.

The department is also getting ready for winter. Lardy said they’ll soon start mixing sand and salt to use on icy roads.

“I ordered 125 tons of salt this year. We’ll probably get a thousand tons of sand,” Lardy said, explaining they mix it at a 5:1 ratio.

He said they’re getting the rest of their snow equipment ready, as last year at this time snow had already fallen.

An update on Fairmont Brewing Company, which is located on Downtown Plaza, was requested.

Economic development director, Linsey Preuss, said, “They’re still waiting on their equipment. It’s been a challenge for them.”

She said the equipment has been backlogged and once it ships, it will take four to six weeks to get here.

One more conversations with the city is scheduled to take place from 5 to 6 p.m. on Dec 2. A location will be made available at a later date.


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