Roof project sees changes, moves forward

FAIRMONT– The Martin County Commissioners heard about some changes to the courthouse roof renovation project from Bob Mickelson of ISG on Tuesday.

During the removal of materials, the cement roof decking was found to have deteriorated and is in poor condition. ISG did a review and on Tuesday provided the board with two options. The first is to replace the existing concrete roof with a steel deck for an estimated cost of $985,000.

The second option is to provide a new steel stud and track sleeper over the existing concrete deck, which carries an approximate cost of $380,000 and could add an additional 45 days to the schedule.

“Option 2A is to deal with some additional structural support on the underside of the roof. That’s a preventative measure,” said Mickelson.

Option 2A may add an additional 20 days and is estimated to cost about $335,000. Both option 2 and 2A can be done in any weather condition.

Mickelson stressed that the cost estimates reflect the best understanding that they have today.

“We would like to proceed on a time and material basis. We think we can offer you some savings at the end,” Mickelson said.

“It’s a $270,000 difference between having a patch, and a new roof, on a $2 million dollar project,” said commissioner Richard Koons.

Commissioner Elliot Belgard said it’s still a new roof either way, the difference is taking the concrete out or not. He said that while he’s been in the building business, this scope is out of his wheelhouse.

“It’s very unusual. I can’t even go back and relate to another project where we’ve had this occur,” said Mickelson.

He said he has concerns with option one and removing the entire concrete roof because they have to maintain weather tightness to the building during the process. He said he’s also worried about the disruption to the operations inside the building.

“There’s probably more chance that we discover something else along the way,” said Mickelson.

Commissioner Kathy Smith said it sounded like Mickelson was leaning toward the second option and while she knows he can’t tell the board what to do, she valued his opinion.

“Since none of us know what to do I think we should follow your recommendation,” Smith said.

Belgard said that if it were March they would maybe want to seek a second opinion, but since the roof project is already started and it’s October, it’s a timely manner.

Commission Steve Flohrs said while he doesn’t like the second option, he also thinks it would be the best move, considering the time.

Flohrs made a motion to approve moving forward with change order motion 2 and 2A. Koons seconded it.

Belgrad said next they need to get the steel ordered to keep the project on schedule.

Lon Gorsch of Renaissance Roofing was available virtually and suggested they go with a guaranteed

maximum price. He said if the work is done before the maximum price is met, the difference goes to the county.

Smith asked if guaranteed maximum price was time and material. Mickelson said they would be paying time and material up to a maximum price.

Gorsch said they never established a time rate at the time of bid, so they need to agree on an hourly rate.

“I realize the urgency in getting this approved so we begin the project, but I would like to see some kind of a contract signed before we enter into this agreement,” Smith said.

Koons agreed and said that while the board was in favor of going with the second option, they need some solid numbers.

The board voted to go ahead with option 2 and 2A. The board also approved additional masonry work at the parapet walls, for an estimated cost of $50,000 to $75,000.

Mickelson said they will get the hourly rates, as well as some scheduling information, and bring it back to the board at the next meeting. In the meantime he said they would order material and start on the additional masonry work.

In other action, the board:

–Approved a three year lease for the city attorney’s office, located at 123 Downtown Plaza in Fairmont, at $2,600 per month.

— Approved the equipment purchase, installation and maintenance of a new telephone system upgrade for $17,764.

— Approved a resolution awarding the sale of general obligation bonds in the amount of $3.9 million for ditch drainage and capital improvement projects.


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