Ceylon considers water supply

CEYLON– The Ceylon City Council met Tuesday and the first discussion was about the water supply on Lincoln St. area. A resident reported that they, as home owners, repaired the line from the shut off to the house and the shut off itself and replaced pipes with pvc pipes. They were thankful that the city inspected and were looking into the low water supply. The city suggested that they will dig up from the main to the shut off and see if there is a break or obstruction. The resident suggested blowing out the pipe again while it is open from the digging and to see if there is sediment in the pipes from the main to the shut off. The pipes in that part of town are old. The council approved the inspection of the pipe from the main to the shut off and try to fix whatever is blocking the water supply.

A resident brought up a suggestion to have a small grocery store in the old city hall building. After discussion the council will make a special visit to the building to see if they can give permission to use the old library part of the building and discuss this with the other people renting parts of the building.

The city reports included the report that the rental house was not repaired and should be boarded up. The council approved that suggestion.

The council reports included: the Fire Association Audit that was available at the meeting. They also looked at the first six months of meetings and cleared up some items that were tabled from other meetings. They talked about a City Plan and Vision and a possibility of training for city councils by the League of MN Cities. A date will have to be agreed upon but all agreed that learning new things and team building would be a good idea. They mentioned having meetings with townspeople and two council members perhaps quarterly. Plans will have to be made for a date and place to discuss questions and set the agendas.

In further business the council tabled the purchase of a pig statue as part of the Martin County Hog Wild to find some businesses or individuals that would like to donate to purchase the statue to be put up in the city.

In other news:

— One resident mentioned that there will be a Trunk and Treat at the City Park 5-7 p.m. Oct. 23.

— The council approved asking Tom Beckendorf to re-instate his per diem in an amended contract and then to add that provision to the annual contract that will be issued for next year.There will be a city council meeting 6 p.m. today at City Hall. The next month’s meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Nov. 9 at city hall.


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