Faribault County considers auction

BLUE EARTH– Another auction could be taking place on the steps of the Faribault County Courthouse following action taken by the County Commissioners at their meeting Tuesday morning.

During a work session held before their meeting, the County Board had a virtual tour of 14 of the county’s forfeited tax parcels which are ready for sale.

“Once the list is certified by the County Board, it will be sent to the respective cities and townships for approval,” county auditor Darren Esser explained. “That process could take up to 60 days. As part of the approval process, the municipalities can place a six-month hold on specific properties.

“The cities and towns also have the ability to request to purchase specific parcels, for a very limited number of specific reasons, before being offered on public sale.”

Planning and Zoning administrator Loria Rebuffoni was present at the meeting to talk about two proposed amendments the Planning Commission has been considering.

“A public hearing was held on Aug. 9,” Rebuffoni said. “Nobody spoke for or against the amendments.”

The first amendment concerns the need for a conditional use permit (CUP) currently needed when two dwellings are built on the same parcel.

“We have seen a trend where young people are returning to the area to live near their elderly parents,” Rebuffoni commented. “If the amendment is passed a second dwelling could be built without a CUP providing all other setbacks and requirements are met.”

The amendment passed.

A second amendment dealt with changing the Shoreland Agriculture District requirements of setbacks for buildings to the Ordinary High Water Level (OHWL) from 200 feet to 150 feet to coincide with the Department of Natural Resources.

“Our staff followed DNR protocol on amending the Shoreland regulations and the DNR submitted formal documentation for conditional approval based on the proposed changes,” Rebuffoni explained. “This proposed change would not affect Residential Shoreland Districts which have different OHWL setbacks.”

The commissioners voted to approve the ammendment.

Discussion was also held on the possibility of bonding for road improvements. The County Board will conduct a fall road inspection tour on Oct. 21.


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