Sherburn looks to aid liquor store

SHERBURN– Sherburn City Council met Monday and approved the Bolton and Menk engineers as the Waste Water Treatment Plant Operator to do the state and mandated paperwork and more.

The council also discussed the proposed Liquor Store Inventory System by Sculptor. The proceeds from the store were down some and the council has been trying to find a good system for inventory checking for some time. This system would track bottle’s contents and is proposing to save the city 10 percent more in proceeds. The system would initially be $7,000 and then $425 a month which the council hoped to recover with the savings.

The council also approved buying the property at 211 North Prairie and demolishing the house to open the property for sale for future development. The county appraised the 100 by 140 foot property at $2,500 for sale at the county meeting this week. The council would like to open property around town that could be developed for houses instead of a non-local buyer leaving houses to sit for years with no repair or improvement or demolition.

The Preliminary Tax Levy of 2.6 percent was approved with the understanding that the levy may be lowered as discussions continue until the December deadline.

The Food Truck Event was set for Oct.4 in Sherburn Park. The administrator remarked that the Vendors asked for another date since they had success with other events.

The administrator reported that Well number four was doing well and work on the water system continues. The bids on the Waste Water Rehab Project were quite a bit higher than expected but the monies from resources should also be higher.

The next city council meeting is scheduled for 5 p.m. Oct. 4th at City Hall.


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