Ceylon hears residents’ concerns

CEYLON– The Ceylon City Council met on Tuesday evening and began with public comments/questions. Two residents asked the council questions. One asked about the water volume issues for the five houses on Lincoln Street. The city had checked PSI about five years ago and the pressure was more than adequate and stated that the street water is adequate. They reminded the resident that the responsibility for the line to the shut off is the city’s, but the shutoff and line to the house are the owner’s responsibility. The resident will check the old shut off to see if there is a plugged line and will report to the council.

The second resident asked about the old cars and broken things by the old feed mill/repair shop. The situation may be dangerous especially for children. The council will look into what is allowed for conditions in a commercial zone.

The council discussed the Martin County Hog Wild project. A statue of a pig would be purchased and displayed in the city. The council tabled that purchase and will seek community sponsors for that project.

The 2022 proposed budget was discussed and the 4.97% tax was approved with the understanding that budget reductions will be worked on before the December deadline.

The temporary easements were approved and the Assessment for Mowing was also approved.

The council approved an order of security and council person Wayne Walter will check to make sure the property that is inhabitable is secured and locked.

The council also approved the CETA organization as the grant administrator for the LTD Broadband grant to follow state requirements.

The council reports included discussion about new water meters and repair of some flickering street lights in the city. The Mayor will look into some lighting examples and prices for Main Street, east and west, when the new road is put in.

A plan for the long run of the council and city, and tabled items not being worked on, along with updates on the website of minutes were discussed. Equipment at the City Park in need of replacing, perhaps one item each year, and a request to discuss having two meetings per month instead of one were suggested.

In other news:

– The council approved the contract for renting a John Deere tractor/mower from C&B Equipment in Truman to mow large plots next year.

– The house across from Kling’s excavation was approved as forfeited property for back taxes and taken off the sale list.

– The next meeting of the Ceylon City Council is scheduled for 6 p.m. Oct. 12th at city hall. Those wishing to be on the agenda are asked to notify the city clerk prior to the



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