Kinship auction boasts plenty

FAIRMONT — Shoppers start your engines. Starting tomorrow the Kinship Rummage Sale and Industrial Auction is set to begin tomorrow and run through Saturday at the Martin County Fairgrounds. Hours will be 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursday and Friday, and 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Saturday.

Event Organizers Char Kahler and Nancy Nordstrom shared that they are looking forward to the activity of the event itself, along with how it will benefit Kinship of Martin County. Kahler said that things are a little different as the event is usually held on the first weekend in May.

“We froze out here,” she said. Sometimes it was snowing and we had heaters, so this is a total reversal to have fans running.

“Then Covid came up and we didn’t feel quite comfortable having it in May. But by September of last year, we thought we could do it. So we did that and people kept bringing things up until now. So it’s been a continuous process of getting things from businesses.”

Kahler stated that is a much larger window of time for businesses to bring things for the event, as they usually only have time in the early spring. There are plenty of items for people to choose from, with Kahler noting that they have a few more items than usual.

“Several businesses have remodeled,” she said. “The Mayo Clinic has closed three clinics so they brought a whole bunch of things. We even have things from the Department of Corrections and Human Services.

“I think this is the greatest amount of desks and chairs that we’ve ever had,” she said. What we’ve usually had more of is things from places like Boekett’s. Last year they emptied out all their tools and siding and lumber.

“But every year is different,” she said. “That’s what makes it so exciting, you never know what you’re going to get.”

Nordstrom shares that the event is the major fundraiser for the Kinship mentoring program. She also shared where things currently stand for the program itself.

“We’re always looking for more mentors, especially male mentors,” she said. Mentors are all trained so they know what they’re doing before they mentor a child, and they usually try to match them up according to what kinds of things the child likes and that the mentor might like to do. We do a lot of group events for mentors and children where they can all come to events and of course that takes money to put on.”

The women state that the program has come a long way, now covering the entirety of Martin County.

“It’s all-encompassing,” said Kahler. “We have 48 active matches now.” Nordstrom said that even with so many matches, there is still a waiting list of kids waiting to be matched with a mentor.

As far as the rummage sale/auction, Kahler shared that they expect a good turnout, as usual, jokingly noting that she usually has to try and keep people from stampeding. With the number of items they have received, Kahler said that there is much less walking space than usual, so people will have to be mindful of available space.


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