Welcome looks at maintenance needs

WELCOME — At the Welcome City Council meeting on Tuesday, a discussion was held about an electric pole at the park in case there would be a need for plugins for bouncy houses or other special electrical needs. The city clerk will check with Federated Rural Electric Association about replacement costs. This was tabled until the next meeting.

The council approved transferring $5,400 to the fire department. There was $2,100 from the legislature from gas tax given for roads. City employee Max Longley had a bid from M&R for road repair in different parts of the city. The council asked him to get an itemized list for each site. This will be brought up at the next meeting.

Longley remarked that Gopher One will be changing what the charges are. He will keep an eye on that possibility since they have gone public instead of non-profit. There is also more information coming as to the water main replacement. Travis Winter, the engineer from Bolton and Menk, commented on some work to do that may be in the area where the replacement of Highway 263 will be. He suggested waiting until that section is done through town to see if those areas will be worked on then.

Representative Bjorn Olson, spoke to the council about some legislation that may affect the city. He suggested they contact him if there is a snag between the state and city since he is on the local government committee in the House. He is also on the transportation committee and explained that $150,000 was earmarked for the County with $2,100 going to Welcome. He is against the increase in the gas tax and mentioned a tax on car parts that was mentioned in the House. The council members conferred with him after the meeting with some questions.

The next Welcome City Council meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Aug. 3, at Welcome City Hall.


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