Sherburn looks at water meters

SHERBURN — The Sherburn City Council heard from Lee Martin of Metering and Technology Solutions on Monday evening at their meeting. Martin asked for information about using the bases of old water meters versus replacing the whole meter.

Martin explained some of the charges for each way of replacing water meters in the city and the Badger Company’s meters and warranty. The approximate cost would be $160,000 over three years at over $200 each and would come from the water fund.

The city employee explained some of the water meter installations and asked that a letter explaining the installation plans, asking for appointments, and that the residents clear a path to the meter be sent once they are installed. The council tabled the vote pending further information and discussion.

A resolution to support working with the state and county about a trail along Highway 4 was approved. Mayor Roessler explained that the committee had met and he and a council member were part of the committee along with a county commissioner, the county engineer, and state and county representatives. More information will be

forthcoming after discussions continue.

The council also approved a liquor license for the Sherburn American Legion and approved a request for demolition funds from Steve Anderson, $2500 from the city and $2500 from EDA. The site looks nice after the demolition.

The council approved permission for the city administrator to split the water/wastewater fund so it is easier to track rates charged and equipment for each side. The auditor and financial advisors suggested this change.

Under the administrator’s report, the tree dump was discussed with reminders that only Sherburn residents are allowed to dump trees and branches.

The council discussed some properties that need repairs or demolition and the city administrator will send a letter to them. The council adjourned and met at the shelter house in the city park for a discussion about repairs and maintenance there.

The next meeting of the Sherburn City Council will be held at 5 p.m. on Aug. 2, at Sherburn City Hall.


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