Celyon looks at taxes, water rates

CEYLON — The Ceylon City Council meeting on Tuesday, June 8, began with two public hearings. The first hearing was about the Rural Service District taxes for farmland within the city limits that has no water or sewer utilities. The taxes for that land is 25 percent and the land owners present at the meeting asked that it not go any higher and thanked the council for keeping it at a level that was manageable.

The taxes were higher in past years. The second public hearing was about the vacating of a portion of Grove Street easement near Jack and Joyce Schultze home. Both of the agenda items were approved by the council.

The council discussed the 8-year-old agreement with Beemer Company about disposing of water into Ceylon sewer tanks. City employee, Jim Plumhoff, explained again that the water was tested and passed and all were with in the limits set by MPCA and Ceylon.

The water was a one-time deal and it took two weeks to unload about 250,000 gallons and the city was paid $13,000. The Council would like notification if that happens again and the city employee agreed to let them know.

Some storm sewers were reported as needing to be raised and the city employee reported about the ones he examined. Some were permanent concrete and some needed raising, such as the one at South Center Street. Councilman Walters and the city employee will tour the storm sewers and report back to the council.

A question of raising ducks within city limits was answered by examining the ordinances and they said not with in 100 feet of a house.

Water rates were discussed since the auditor suggested raising the rates and Ceylon is lower than any nearby town and possibly lower than any town in Martin County. The council approved raising the rates to $20 from $15 beginning in August. New water meters will

be installed in July and that will give the city a more accurate amount of water used which may affect the rates.

The council approved accepting the funds from the American Rescue Plan Act due to the pandemic. The $34,000 over two years will be used for infrastructure in Ceylon. The City has until 2026 to report what was paid with the money.

The building permit for Bob Nelson was approved if the city building permits person approves it.

The city employee reported on several issues to do with the water treatment plant and the council approved ordering a DR900 device which will test for magnesium and iron. This was suggested by the MN Department of Health. Other issues were needed for a air relief

valve and putting more sand in the median. A motor was repaired also. The council asked the city employee to find out the cost of the repairs needed and if the quote was over $25,000, the council would have a special meeting. The city clerk will inform the council via email of the quotes and needed repairs.

The City water tower is scheduled to be cleaned and the council approved adding painting the roof of the tower to that work order.

The cemetery needs gravel and the Mayor will look into whether the city or Lake Belt Township is to get that gravel this year.

The city employee reported that in August he will attend schooling to renew his license.

Legends II asked if the street west of the bar could be closed for a special appreciation celebration on Sept. 10 and 11 and if the ball diamonds could be used for a tournament that weekend. The council approved the request.

The broadband grant has been submitted.

The Council discussed the junk ordinance and identified properties to be cleaned up. They began the process for possible citation of those who do not clean up the public health and safety hazards.

The employee review was postponed until the next meeting which is scheduled for 6 p.m. on July 13 at Ceylon City Hall.


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