Safety Council talks parks, roads

FAIRMONT — The Fairmont Safety Council met for the first time in five years on Monday night. Actions taken included appointing a new chair and vice-chair, addressing lighting concerns at Ward and Veterans Park, and addressing different roads having potential changes to them.

The new chair of the Fairmont Safety Council is Paul Carlson. The new Vice-Chair is Jim Utermarck.

Concerns were raised at a recent city council meeting about the lighting issues of Veterans Park and the dangers of fast driving where children are present. The lighting issues would be addressed by bringing more lighting to the park by the playgrounds so that the park activity could be more visible. Right now the main source of light is by the shelter area and restrooms of the park.

For drivers, there could be crosswalks installed at Prarie street on the intersections of Second and Third Street. The reasoning behind this is to address complaints made by parents about the safety of their children crossing the road.

The issue addressed with Ward Park is to get more lighting at the park. Right now at Ward Park, there is one central light by the shelter house.

Another issue addressed was the intersection between Albion Avenue and Lake Aires Road. In late February a school bus and semi collided at that intersection. The idea was brought to the Safety Council and it was stated that it was a horrible intersection and there has been a history of accidents.

Options that were considered were changing the speed limit and inserting a four-way stop. The difficulty changing that is part of this road is in control of the city and the other part is controlled by the county. Both changes would have to be done at the County level.

The Fairmont Safety Council is scheduled to meet next on September 20 at 5:30 p.m.


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