Girl Scout completes Silver Award project

Girl Scout Hailee Greeley displays some of her finger puppets made for her Troop 34353 silver award project with a $500 donation from the American Legion Lee C. Prentice Post 36.

FAIRMONT — Girl Scout Hailee Greeley, 14, of Troop 34353 recently completed her Girl Scout Silver Award Project. The Girl Scout Silver Award Projects involve several steps, helping the girls to identify issues they care about, choosing to build a team or work solo, develop a project, and making a plan.

The project is sure to be pleasing to young children going through an otherwise difficult time, as she made finger puppets that have been donated to Fairmont Mayo Clinic and Dulcimer Clinic.

The finger puppets will be available to children after having a radiology test, immunization, a cast placed, etc. Greeley said she chose to make the finger puppets due to some personal experiences.

“I’ve been in and out of hospitals a lot in my life and I know what it’s like to be in there when you’re a young kid,” she said. “It’s very scary and hard, so I decided to make finger puppets for the kids.”

Greeley’s mother, Rachel, noted that the focus of the project was sustainability. She noted that Hailee is planning on reaching out to area organizations about the project, in order to let them know that she still has supplies on hand if they want to stop by and work on puppets to donate.

Greeley made approximately 300 finger puppets and said it was a fun, but challenging project for her.

“For my materials, I got a donation from the American Legion Lee C. Prentice Post 36. I had asked a group at church [for help] but we couldn’t do that because of COVID. So then I had to get together with some other people and family friends.”

Greeley was also thankful to have received help from her mother’s daycare children. She said she would enjoy doing a similar project in the future.


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