Welcome talks parking violations

WELCOME — The Council discussed some violations of the parking ordinances like parking on the sidewalk, boulevards, and blocking view for intersections. Parking on City Lots for longer periods of time and the vehicles parked there not having current tags was also discussed. The police will warn those violators. The water meters are on hand and they are being installed. Tree trimming is also scheduled.

The planning and zoning board met just before the City Council and approved the variance requested by Clair Klug. The City Council later approved the variance for his carport so he can put in concrete this spring and tin enclosure later.

The Council approved the investment of the city funds policy with the clerk acting for the Council. The clerk also reported that the auditors asked that the construction account be closed since it is not used. The Council approved closing the account and moving the $24,207 to the checking account.

The Council also approved transferring the $62,753 to the City General Fund to pay the City’s part of the new Fire Truck ordered. They also got a $50,000 grant and will use the $21,000 CD in the bank. Each of the townships will pay $39,871 toward the truck also to help buy the $363,765 rescue truck.

A City employee reported that there are companies he has bids from for removing the sludge in the wastewater plant and for machinery to stir up the sludge in the future.

The solar ordinance was discussed and the Council directed the clerk to work up an ordinance for roof mounted solar panels only and following ordinances already on the books. Residents should contact REA and get needed information for the Council before they would approve installing solar panels. This will be discussed at the next meeting.

The police report of ordinance violations was discussed and a drive around with the council and police was tabled in favor of each council reporting other violators to the clerk and police.

Clean up day is scheduled for April 24 and residents should use that service to get the junk removed for free if possible.

The seeding of the city lot at 516 Dugan was discussed but the Council asked the city employee to seed the lot instead of approving the bid from Rosburg of $1500.

Request for cleaning and repainting the curb by the apartments so they are not a “no parking” yellow was resubmitted. The city employee will look into doing that as soon as possible.

The pond scheduled to be built near the Welcome Meats and proposed storage units will need to be discussed at an EDA meeting which will be scheduled soon.

The next Welcome City Council meeting is scheduled for April 20 at 6 p.m. at the City Hall.


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