‘Gas for Grads’ award offered

FAIRMONT — In our busy society, it’s easy for many hardworking and caring individuals to go unnoticed. But that may be especially true of young people. Just setting out in the world, high school graduates can’t be blamed if they simply put all their effort into preparing for the future. But many go above and beyond to be engaged with their families, jobs, friends, and communities.

Yet it seems far too easy to overlook their efforts, especially when it is “expected.” However, the Fairmont Women of Today have decided to try and honor graduating seniors that have served their community. Introducing the “Gas for Grads” award, the group is partnering with Poppe’s Cennex in Fairmont to award five individuals with a $100 Poppe’s Gas card.

Kaitlin Bormann of the Fairmont Women of Today shares how the program came to be.

“The Women of Today have been wanting to have some kind of scholarship or award for a couple of years now and this is what it’s turned into,” Bormann said. “We were able to partner with Poppe’s and together we’re offering five awards. Each of the awards will go to a graduating senior somewhere in Martin County who has demonstrated service in their community.”

In order to identify potential recipients, the group is asking people to nominate the seniors that they know.

“Unlike other scholarships or awards where the students would apply for it themselves, this is a little different in that the nominations might come from a teacher, coach, neighborhood, or somebody from church,” Bormann said. “It can be somebody who recognizes the service that they’ve done to better their communities.”

Bormann said that the Fairmont Women of Today usually has several fundraisers throughout the years and has had good success, especially with their Eve in the Orchard event.

“That specifically has really allowed us to focus on what we want to give back to the community. So it was time to start up an award.”

Bormann also emphasized that any student graduating is eligible for the award.

“They don’t have to necessarily be headed to college or on a certain path,” Bormann said. “It could be somebody that’s going straight to work, entering the military, college-bound, or maybe taking a year to just figure it out. We just want to recognize their service and keep it open to all students.

“Having somebody recognize what they’re doing instead of them telling about all the service they’ve done is important. Sometimes we might overlook some students that have done a lot of good because they’re either too humble to share what they’re doing or maybe they’re just on the quieter side. There’s certainly a lot of good students out there.”

Those who want to nominate a graduating senior can check out the Fairmont Women of Today website at fairmontwt.wordpress.com. Applications will be accepted until May 1, 2021, and winners will be notified the following week.


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