Ceylon to get new water meters

Ceylon — The Ceylon City Council met Tuesday, discussing a request for approval to buy 25 new water meters. Purchase from the Nighthawk Company was approved for more than $4000. The minimum order was 25 meters and some of the meters will need to be replaced in the future. The council approved the purchase using the funds budgeted for that need.

In another matter, discussion about the council feeling underserved by the city attorney led to a plan to invite the attorney to a future meeting. The council will ask the attorney to send a letter to people in violation of ordinances and putting people in the city at risk. The city clerk and Mayor will look into other attorneys and other cities’ experiences with their own city attorneys.

Reports then continued, with a city employee, Jim Plumhoff, reporting that the inspection of the sludge and pond was very good. This is done every five years and was completed in January. The city employee and council will discuss the pond and how to protect it and the residents.

Council reports asked that the contracts for those working for the city like its electrician and plumber be similar to the one for the excavator and examples be brought to the next meeting.

The snow-plow is not in good shape and the council will discuss the purchase of a different one, possibly for next winter, with the fund they have been budgeting for and adding money to each year.

The fire association report mentioned some new personnel doing training.

A discussion of an ordinance revision work session was concluded with a date set to work on that. The council also discussed having a time each meeting or work session to discuss a five-year or 10-year plan for the City where they would discuss goals and expectations.

The resources available for grants were discussed, and security cameras and internet companies were also discussed for future action.


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