Ceylon council looks ahead

CEYLON — The January meeting for the Ceylon City Council began with the oath of office for the new council members, Judith Perkins and Jodi Scott, and for Mayor John Gibeau. Their voting began with a motion to keep the pay for the council at the usual amount, $45 per meeting. The new members were asked to give the clerk their email addresses. The mayoral appointments were explained and the job descriptions of each committee were also explained. Appointments include Acting mayor, Wayne Walters; Cemetery Association and Fire Association, Judith Perkins; Street department, Chad Dunlop and Wayne Walters; Utility department, Chad Dunlop and John Gibeau; Park department, Jodi Scott and Wayne Walters; Ordinance officers, Wayne Walters, John Gibeau and Judith Perkins; Clerk/treasurer, Mary Muller; with State Bank of Ceylon as the official depository, and the Photo Press as the official newspaper. The appointment of city attorney was tabled until the next meeting.

The request for a drop off box put into the old city hall building for Tom Beckendorf, at his expense, was also tabled until the next meeting as more information will be gathered.

The reports began with the clerk’s report that the audit is underway. The city employee requested four new tires for the city pickup and the council approved purchasing them locally from Larry Kling after discussing the three quotes received.

Jim Plumhoff reported that the wastewater sludge test will be performed this week. This is done every five years. He reported that water usage has been lowered considerably from 27,000 gallons per day to 17,000 gallons per day. There were two water leaks last year that were fixed.

The council reports and questions concerned the amount of interest earned by the city, the inactivity of the committee about the old city hall building. The historical society has been trying to convene that committee but COVID has slowed the progress a lot. Ideas for the two lots where the houses were demolished to be used for apartments for the elderly, the clerk and Council Perkins will look into ideas and resources, should there be yearly contracts for the electrician and plumber like the one for the excavator?

The report from the fire association included COVID shots for the EMT and firefighters to be given soon. The washer and dryer are working and the coveralls to help protect the firefighters from COVID issues are on order. The lights on the payloader are a big improvement.

The cemetery association meeting will be on Zoom next week and

they will discuss taking the fence on the west side out and leaving the posts.

The council will have work sessions to discuss the ordinance book and any changes they would like to see.

John Gibeau mentioned that council members should be proactive and have some goals they would like to see for the city. He also thanked all those who sent get well wishes when he was hospitalized with COVID-related illness, and sympathy cards when his father passed away.

The next meeting of the Ceylon City Council will be held at 6 p.m. on Feb. 9, at the Ceylon City Hall.


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