Valley Vue Care Center sees outbreak

ARMSTRONG — Valley Vue Care Center in Armstrong, owned and operated by ABCM Corporation, on Thursday confirmed an outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

The site notes that an outbreak in a long-term care setting is defined as three or more residents testing positive for COVID-19. Because of privacy regulations, it says more information on individuals cannot be shared.

“As always, the safety of the residents, tenants and staff of Valley Vue Care Center remains top priority during this challenging time,” the facility said in a press release.

According to Valley Vue:

It first learned of positive cases on July 16, as a result of weekly surveillance testing performed July 13.

To prevent further spread within the facility, Valley Vue designated an area to isolate positive or suspected individuals, as well as designating specific staff for this area. Employees will continue to be screened prior to the beginning and end of each shift, while residents and tenants are monitored throughout the day and night.

“Staff have been working hard to contain the situation,” said provisional administrator Dawn Runksmeier. “I am very proud of the team that I have, and can’t even begin to express how much I appreciate each and every one of them.”

Valley Vue is staying in close communication with local and state health officials to ensure it is taking all of the appropriate steps. It is also working with area health care providers, including Mayo Clinic Health System-Fairmont.

The plan going forward, Runksmeier said, is to “work hard to assess and detect any COVID-19 signs or symptoms, isolate while we analyze the situation, and continue to contain and manage those who have, or are suspected of having, COVID-19 to protect all residents at Valley Vue.”

Valley Vue Care Center is one of 31 rehabilitation and long-term care centers owned and operated by ABCM Corporation in Iowa. In addition, ABCM owns or manages 24 independent and assisted-living facilities throughout the state.


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