Four file for seats on Fairmont City Council

FAIRMONT — Four residents wasted no time Tuesday, the first day of filings, to declare their intent to run for Fairmont City Council.

Incumbent Ruth Cyphers of 103 Oxford St. filed to retain her Ward 2 seat.

Incumbent Wayne Hasek of 1612 N. Park St. and Terry Anderson of 1410 Lucia Ave. filed for the Ward 4 seat.

Jay Maynard of 1831 Oakwood Ave. filed for the at-large council position.

Filing for council must be completed at the city clerk’s office at City Hall. Candidates must pay a $5 filing fee and fill out an affidavit of candidacy. The clerk’s office is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays, and until 5 p.m. Aug. 11, the last day to file.

There is no primary election for council races. All who file will be on the Nov. 3 ballot.

Candidates must be eligible to vote in Minnesota and be at least 21 years of age upon assuming office. They must have lived in their ward for at least 30 days before the Nov. 3 election.


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