Trump victory event: Republicans visit Fairmont

Bjorn Olson, the mayor of Elmore and the Republican-endorsed candidate for Minnesota House District 23A, talks with Jay Maynard Saturday at Gomsrud Park in Fairmont. Olson and other key figures from the Minnesota Republican Party were in the area to promote the candidates and ideals of the party.

Republicans in Fairmont gathered Saturday at Gomsrud Park in Fairmont to meet and greet some key figures of the Minnesota Republican Party.

In attendance were Congressman Jim Hagedorn; his wife and chairwoman of the state party, Jennifer Carnahan; retiring District 23A Rep. Bob Gunther, R-Fairmont; and Bjorn Olson, the mayor of Elmore and the Republican-endorsed candidate for Minnesota House District 23A. The group was gathered to show support for President Trump, as well as promote Olson, before an afternoon door-knocking campaign.

The gathering saw no protesting, save one vehicle that chose to lay on a car horn during part of a speech by Hagedorn.

“We have to do everything we can to defend our country and preserve our country and our way of life,” said Hagedorn. “I’ve been very fortunate to work with Bob Gunther, he’s done a great service. Bob, Julie [Rosen, R-Vernon Center], and myself like to work as a team and I look forward to continuing that with Julie and Bjorn.

“All of our candidates are going to fight for that every day while we’re in office. If our president doesn’t happen to get re-elected, we stand a very good chance of losing this country the way our forefathers put it together.”

Olson also shared his thoughts, stating where he stands on some of the issues.

“On top of being a teacher and a captain in the United States Army Reserves, I’m a farmer. My family has farmed for many years in this district.

“I farm just south of Blue Earth. If anyone knows anything about agriculture, it’s a guy who’s actually been in the trenches farming himself.”

Olson also shared some of his experiences as the mayor of Elmore.

“The year before I became the mayor of Elmore, my city lost $120,000. The next year, our budget was positive by $23,000. The city of Elmore has a $500,000 budget, and we swung it $143,000 in one year.

“Our budget remains balanced today. I have voted against tax increases every single year that I’ve been the mayor. In Elmore last year we were positive $7,000, and I would argue very vehemently that is exactly where a government needs to be; taking just enough from their citizens in order to provide the necessary services, and not a penny more.”

“I’m also a very fierce supporter of our second amendment,” he continued. “I own a dozen firearms myself, and you will not find a more staunch supporter of life and a more staunch supporter of our second amendment rights.

“We need to win this election and this primary like you wouldn’t believe. It’s very important that we stay unified in this district.”

Carnahan also shared a few words with the crowd.

“We’ve got the most important election in our lifetime in front of us this year,” she said. “We’ve got redistricting ahead of us after this election, and we know if we don’t deliver president Trump another four years, it’s really the difference between capitalism and socialism.

“There has been a tremendous amount of effort and resources poured into Minnesota this cycle, that we have probably not ever seen on the Republican side. It’s all because of our president and the great republican candidates we have on the ballot.

“With the strongest ticket we’ve ever seen in this state, from president Trump to Jason Lewis, Jim Hagedorn, and Bjorn Olson, this is the year we can do it.”


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