Man facing drug charge

FAIRMONT — A man with no known address is facing a felony charge in Martin County.

Garth Coughlin Weir, 52, has been charged with drug possession in the fifth degree, which carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

According to the complaint:

On June 11, Fairmont police officers were dispatched to the Holiday Inn in regard to a male who allegedly had been smoking meth in his room. The suspect was alleged to be Weir.

Two officers responded to the call, and one spoke with an employee. The employee said Weir had been staying at the hotel and drinking at the bar. When the bar closed, Weir invited two men back to his room for beer.

While the men were in the room, Weir pulled out a pipe and smoked meth in front of them. The employee said she had just received the information that morning and was reporting it now. She wanted to make sure there was not anything illegal going on.

The officer then located Weir outside of the Holiday Inn. Weir denied using any meth and denied there were any drugs in his room. The officer asked if Weir would agree to let them search the room and Weir became extremely upset and verbally aggressive.

Weir proceeded to dump a full beer into a potted plant and walked back inside the hotel, where he began swearing. The officer told him several times to quiet down but Weir would not. He began to yell and continue swearing, at which point the employee asked the officer to remove him from the premises.

The officer told Weir he was being kicked out because of his behavior. Weir refused to leave, becoming argumentative. Weir was placed under arrest and transported to the Mayo emergency room, where he continued to be verbally aggressive with the police.

Weir eventually calmed down and fell asleep, and another officer was requested to return to the hotel because the employee had located what appeared to be an illegal substance in Weir’s room. The officer took possession of a pill bottle that contained a Ziplock baggie that contained a white crystal substance. The substance tested positive for meth.


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