Welcome to remove ash trees

WELCOME — The city of Welcome will remove ash trees at the city park because of damage caused by ash borers. The trees will be replaced.

City employee Max Longley reported the problem to the City Council this week. Bulfer Tree Service has suggested fall or spring for replanting.

Also on the subject of trees, nine trees on the property of the house needing demolition (Speckman) will be cut down for $9,000. The council approved the expense but not the stump removal charge.

Turning to other business, the council asked the police department to lock the bathrooms at the ball park at night. City employees will be in charge of opening them.

A resident suggested the city fix the bleachers at the ball park. The city has a meeting scheduled for 5:15 p.m. today at the site and will examine the bleachers.

In other news, the council learned that some culverts along Highway 263 need to be unplugged so water will drain properly. City employees will look into the matter.

In other business, the council:

o Approved a resolution to use the bond funds to reimburse the city for costs on the four-plex housing project. The council also approved refinancing the bond for the housing project for $1.5 million through Bremer Bank in Mankato. It was reported that work on the four-plex is coming along nicely.

o Heard from a council member who asked about mowing parts of the boulevard and lawns that a contractor seeded with a grass seed blanket. The blanket of grass may be loose and get into mower. The council approved city employees’ suggestion that they remove the loose blanket. It was noted that it may take several years for the grass to get back to original shape.

o Discussed the yellow-painted curb at Wellvilla apartments on North Dugan. City employees will re-paint the curb. The council agreed residents may park in front of the apartments. Residents are asked not to park in front of the mailboxes.

o Learned the next council meeting will be 6 p.m. July 21 at City Hall.


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