Bounce Back Fairmont: Business aims to help economy

Betsy and Dustin Tino, owners of Minuteman Press in Fairmont.

FAIRMONT — What businesses are open? What are their hours? Do I need to wear a mask? Does this restaurant deliver? Do I need an appointment or reservation? Who do I contact?

As our communities start to reopen amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we are faced with a myriad of questions and an abundance of confusion.

To help guide us through these uncertain times, Betsy and Dustin Tino of Minuteman Press in Fairmont have launched Bounce Back Fairmont, an initiative aimed at stimulating our local economy and support our businesses and non-profits.

“It’s a one-stop website where people can see what every business is doing. Anybody big or small can be on this,” Betsy said, adding that there is no charge to be listed on the site or to view the site.

“It also has a place for non-profits. It’s for the community in full,” Dustin said.

They used restaurants as an example. A restaurant can list its hours of operation, whether reservations are necessary, if deliveries are available and contact information.

“There’s even a place where they can list specials or sales,” Dustin said.

“It also will have a link to their website so people can click on that and see their menu,” Betsy said.

Businesses and non-profits can go to bouncebackusa.minuteman.com/locations/mn/fairmont and follow the instructions for “list your business now” or they can call the Tinos at (507) 399-0300. If business hours or a situation changes, they can make their own changes or contact the Tinos to do it for them.

“They can just put the new information in and we take out the old, or they can give us a call and we can edit their old information,” Betsy said. “We’re flexible. We just want the right information out there.”

They anticipate the website will be around for a while as the area, the state and the country comes to grips with a new way of operating.

“We’re excited about this. We want to help stimulate our economy and help those businesses or events that have changed,” Dustin said. “We want to do something that will help promote everyone because when one of us does well, we all do well. We’re all interdependent on each other.”


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