Cleanup day coming soon in Ceylon

CEYLON — The city of Ceylon has decided to hold a cleanup day May 23.

City residents may haul items free of charge from 8-11 a.m. to the city shop. Please observe social distancing.

Those preferring curbside pickup must purchase a tag from City Hall for $10 before 3 p.m. Thursday. The number of items per tag should be what would fit in the back of a pickup.

Items residents would like to give away can be placed on the curb today, and anyone may pick them up.

The date for placing items curbside for cleanup day with tags is Monday.

Following the cleanup, any item left that Waste Management does not pick up must be removed by May 25 or there may be a charge and citation. A list of what the Waste Management will not pick up includes electronics, shingles, tires, batteries, chemical products, paint, grass and shrubs, hazardous or infectious waste, asbestos, oil products and appliances.

Appliances may be picked up by Larry Kling that morning for a fee of $15. That tag also can be purchased at City Hall.

For more information, call (507) 632-4653 or see the city clerk.


Condolences to the families of former Ceylon residents Tom O’Sell and Michelle (Dennis) Iverson. They will be missed.


Just a reminder that the 90th birthday party for Lila Bremer, scheduled for May 23, has been cancelled because of the pandemic.


Ceylon Area First nonprofit is still making hand sanitizer to be distributed free of charge to those who can not afford it. Contact the group online at www.ceylonareafirst@gmail.com or call John Gibeau at (507) 399-4634.

Donations are happily accepted to defray the cost of supplies. All proceeds are put back into the project.

Thanks for the project to help others.


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