Martin Co. cases hit 32, Sheriff: limit gatherings

FAIRMONT — According to Community Health and Human Services of Faribault and Martin Counties, Matin County’s positive COVID-19 cases have risen by three for a total of 32 as of Friday. Faribault County has risen by one for a total of three.

In Martin County, case 30 is a 74 year old, case 31 is a 17 year old, and case 32 is a 48 year old. All three cases have had no recent travel, and are not currently hospitalized. The third case in Faribault county is a 41 year old, also with no recent travel history and not currently hospitalized.

Martin County Sheriff Jeff Markquart also provided his daily Facebook update, which is also now available on YouTube.

“We talked a lot about action that is going to be done,” he said. “We had some more Facebook messages from people about violations that they saw being done.

“When you see a violation of groups getting together, people going into businesses that are not on that list that can be open, you have to call law enforcement and start a call for service.

“The number to call is 238-4481, that is the non-emergency number at dispatch. They will get your information and wherever that violation is that you believe is taking place, we will make sure we get the appropriate law enforcement agency there to gather that information and do that investigation.

“One other thing that was brought up is parks being open,” he said. “I can tell you that Fairmont is working on getting some caution tape and wrapping up all these playgrounds and equipment because we know there’s a lot of kids out there still crawling on that stuff. We don’t have the resources to get that stuff cleaned up a couple of times every day.

“We’re also working with other communities, their city employees and cities to get those places taped off so that we keep those kids off that equipment.

“We’ve got one more week to go of the two week stay at home order so hang in there and do the right thing and we’ll get through this.”

To expand on the Sheriff’s statement, doing the right thing includes the following:

q Continue to practice social distancing. This means that if you’re not at work, picking up groceries, going to the doctor, or other essential activities, stay at home.

q If you go outside for a walk, keep a minimum distance of six feet from others, meaning anyone you don’t live with. The Sheriffs office has received calls about people gathering in groups and in homes.

q Do not flush anything other than toilet paper. Wipes used for disinfecting, changing diapers, personal hygiene and housecleaning that may even be labeled “flushable” do not break down the same way as toilet paper.

q Cover your coughs and sneezes, and let you employer know if you are ill and need to stay home.

q If you have an illness and feel that you need to see a healthcare provider, call ahead. Do your best not to overwhelm hospitals and healthcare workers.

q If Martin County residents see what they believe to be a violation of the stay at home order, they should call 238-4481.


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