Martin County at 29 positive virus cases Sheriff: 10 percent local death rate

FAIRMONT — On Wednesday Martin County Sheriff Jeff Markquart gave another Facebook video update concerning the COVID-19 virus. He stated that the county now has 29 positive cases and issued a reminder that residents should take the matter seriously.

“I’ve stressed in the past how serious this is, and it seems like we’re still getting some folks that don’t want to take it as seriously as they should,” he said. “Today we’re up four more, and one more would be an even 30 and we’ve had three deaths in the county.

“If you want to put some percentages on that, 10 percent of our positive tests in Martin County have passed away and that’s terrible. Most of our positives today are from community spread, meaning people are talking and getting too close and still getting together as groups. “We need to really be conscious of these groups that are getting together. Sunday morning I listened to a couple of different church services on the internet, and what a great way to get together instead of congregating at the church. I know it’s painful not being able to get together but when you think about getting together in any size of group, remember that number, 10 percent, of people in Martin County have passed away.”

Markquart also shared that people are beginning to take note of their neighbors’ activities, watching for those who may be gathering in homes.

“We’ve had some calls this morning and last night, and people are really concerned about people getting out and still spending time with their friends. I have not seen any house parties yet, but this morning I had a call about people getting together in homes. This is so serious, and we can’t do that.

“Of our exposed people in Martin County, they range in age from 26 to 90,” he continued. “So when I get phone calls saying “Well, we can get together with my friends because it’s just old people that are getting this and dying,” everyone is getting this. So please, we cannot be getting together.”

Markquart reminded those out for walks not to gather in groups, as well as for parents to keep their children from getting together with friends despite the difficulty of doing so.

“I’ve talked with the city and I believe [city parks] are still open, but I know they don’t want you to play on the equipment because that stuff doesn’t get sanitized and scrubbed down every day. We have to be watching out social distancing and try to keep at six feet.

“I cannot stress enough to stay away from crowds and stay home, because all of our transmissions are through community spread. Please help us get through this and I know that we’re going to get through it together.”


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