Prairie Lakes Transit remains on road

FAIRMONT — During a press conference Monday at the Martin County Courthouse, Prairie Lakes Transit director Jeremy Monahan said the local public transit system will remain up and running until he hears otherwise.

“We’re waiting for guidance from the Minnesota Department of Transportation and the FTA,” he said.

When asked how buses are being cleaned, Monahan said normal sanitary measures are still in place.

“We’ve maybe ramped it up a little bit, with some higher-grade industrial disinfectant,” he noted. “We’re washing hand rails and seatbelt buckles, and drivers have their hand sanitizers for their own safety. Other than that, the buses are as clean as they usually are.”

In another matter, Chief Deputy Corey Klanderud of the Martin County Sheriff’s Office updated the public regarding changes to how the Law Enforcement Center will operate in response to the COVID-19 virus.

“We’re starting to restrict access to different services in our lobby,” he said. “We’re asking that people call in if possible with any questions or if they’re in need of services. If somebody does come in, we do have phones available that they can use to be in contact with someone.

“We’ve been asking our officers and deputies to handle as much of our interactions over the phone as possible. We’re still going to be responding to calls as needed, but our dispatch center will be asking questions to determine symptom locations so we can advise our responders to properly prepare.”

Klanderud said no onsite jail visitation is allowed but there will be online access for visitation needs. More information from the Martin County Sheriff’s Office is available on the office’s Facebook page.


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