Fairmont School Board gets update on radon tests

FAIRMONT — The Fairmont School Board on Tuesday heard from director of buildings and grounds Tyler Garrison, who gave an update on some recent projects.

He began by discussing a radon test that came back with generally good results.

“An action level of 4.0 or greater requires action to be taken, and none of our samples were higher than 4.0,” he said. “We had 128 kits that were placed at the elementary school and all 128 kits were in the 0.0 to 1.9 range, which is very good.

“At the high school, we had 111 kits placed in that building. 109 were in that low rage, but we did have one room that was 3.0 to 3.9, and we will be doing some extra air intake and open our dampeners to get that number down. We’re still below the action level, but we are going to pursue that one.”

Garrison said the tests, conducted every five years, are not required by the state.

“We’re going to put in on a rotation of every five years,” he said. “So I’ll have to send the report to the state to verify that we’ve had this done.”

Garrison also highlighted various completed projects since last year’s update.

“We refinished the main gym floor at the elementary school and we’ve gotten a lot of compliments on that,” he said. “We’ve done a lot in our FACS lab; we’ve added some commercial sinks and stainless steel work stations. We added an auto lift in the auto shop and we’ve added a new air compressor [in the vocational wing].”

Turning to another matter, the board discussed its recent work session. One topic of note raised in the work session was the possibility of changing the 2020 graduation date. Board members say the date has not changed. It will still be held the first Sunday in June.


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