Ceylon council meets new attorney

CEYLON – Ceylon City Council members this week introduced themselves to new City Attorney Derrick Greiner from Krahmer, Shaffer & Edmundson.

Greiner explained that some citations issues for violations of city ordinances will be criminal in nature and therefore handled by the Martin County Attorney, while Greiner will handle civil issues for the city.

He said he will review the local ordinances and help with civil citations, as in cases of junk ordinance violations. He also will help the city with contracts.

Turning to other business at its meeting this week, the council discussed the waste system blockage between the pump and the system at the south end of town. The council approved hiring Beemer Company to flush the pipe.

Most of the blockage last time the pipe was flushed stemmed from unflushable items. The council again asked that residents be aware of what is being flushed into the system. Failing to do so costs the city quite a bit of money, and plugs and damages the pumps.

In other business, the council:

o Approved accepting the resignation of the city maintenance employee. Applications for the position are due Feb. 19. The council decided to have a special meeting 5 p.m. Feb. 25 to discuss the applications.

o Approved a $22,000 contract with engineering firm Bolton & Menk for the water main project from Clark Street to Grove Street. The project itself will cost about $300,000 and be undertaken in conjunction with the Highway 263 work on Main Street.

o Discussed the hiring of Kling Excavation when there is a water main break. The council tabled the matter until its next meeting.

o Approved a cleanup day for May 23 to give residents the opportunity to clean up junk. The council discussed using tags, restricting the event to residents only, curbside versus drop-off sites and charges. The clerk will research what other cities do. The council plans to discuss the matter again later.

o Approved charging $25 per day for use of the shelter house at Mondale Park.

o Learned the next meeting of the City Council will be 6 p.m. March 10 at City Hall.


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