New art club to meet at Red Rock Center

FAIRMONT — Nancy Katzer of Fairmont is inspired by art and by fellow artists. She hopes others feel the same.

Katzer is the impetus behind a visual artist club that will hold an organizational meeting Tuesday at Red Rock Center for the Arts in Fairmont. The gathering begins at 6:30 p.m.

Katzer says she will act as a moderator to help get things started. The club is intended to create a social environment for artists to network, build rapport and share ideas.

Katzer is highly motivated thanks to her participation in an art guild in New Orleans, where she lived for two years, until last fall, while taking care of her grandchildren.

“I enjoyed it so much,” she said of the guild. “They met once a month. I found it very inspiring to be around other artists, so when I came back to Fairmont, I approached [Red Rock Center director] Sonja [Fortune] and said I’d kind of like to start an art group to maybe meet once per month. Because there’s a lot of us artists out there who do this as a hobby or some do it professionally, and I thought it would be really great if we could get together once a month and have a meeting and just do whatever the group wants to do.”

She said Fortune has been supportive, and the group will be able to meet at Red Rock once each month for free. Katzer believes the schedule is just right, given people’s busy lives. Now she hopes others are attracted to the plan.

“If I had a dozen [artists] show up, I’d be ecstatic,” she said of Tuesday’s meeting.

Katzer would like the club to be fun and positive for everyone, from beginner to professional. She hopes members will want to focus on encouraging one another, without a hint of competition involved.

She also believes it could be a learning opportunity. In New Orleans, the guild would offer a monthly demonstration.

“I think that’s viable to do here in Fairmont,” she said. “I think there are plenty of artists who have skills, even if it’s something simple, to teach one technique, and you’d be surprised how many people would learn from that.”

Katzer suggests that perhaps the group could wind up putting on its own art show, filling Red Rock Center with its creations.

But she admits she really does not have any idea who will want to participate in the club or in what direction the group may wish to go. She does know that no one will be turned away.

Katzer herself is a painter who has worked in oil, acrylic and water color. She describes the work as fine art painting, something that brings her great joy.

“It’s a stress-reliever and I feel good inside, and sometimes my paintings are inside me and then when I bring them out and put them on canvas, it’s a very wonderful feeling,” she said. “And I love it when I’m painting for several hours in a time and I kind of get lost in my painting. It’s a Zen quality.”

Those seeking more information about the club may contact Katzer at (507) 235-5196.


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