Pair facing felony drug counts

FAIRMONT — A Fairmont man and Armstrong woman are facing felony drug charges in Martin County.

Cody William Diekmann, 26, and Allison Marie Kingswan, 22, both have been charged with one count each of selling drugs in the first degree and drug possession in the first degree. Each charge carries a maximum penalty of 40 years in prison and a $1 million fine.

According to the complaint:

On Dec. 5, a Fairmont police officer was contacted by an agent from the Minnesota Department of Corrections who had received information that Diekmann was dealing meth out of the Highland Court Motel in Fairmont. The officer was aware of Diekmann from prior arrests for controlled substances offenses and for previous suspicions of distributing meth.

The officer was advised by another officer that he had surveilled the Highland Court Motel and observed Diekmann at that location. He also advised that Diekmann was last observed going to a residence on Elm Street in Fairmont.

The officer later obtained information about a vehicle with which Diekmann was associated, along with a female who was supposed to be Kingswan.

The officer spoke with the Armstrong chief of police, who advised that Kingswan was suspected of involvement with meth.

The officer later observed the vehicle on Elm Street and followed it before activating his emergency lights and stopping the vehicle. The officer observed Diekmann in the passenger seat while the driver was identified as Kingswan.

A second officer arrived and observed Diekmann lean back in the seat and used both hands to conceal something in his waistband. The officer asked Diekmann to step out of the vehicle, and Diekmann continued to reach for his waistband.

As the officer attempted to place Diekmann’s hands behind his back he began to resist, continuing to reach for his waistband. The first officer ran to the location, concerned that Diekmann was attempting to reach for a weapon. After considerable resistance, officers were able to place Diekmann in handcuffs.

The officer then removed a plastic bag from Diekmann’s pants and observed a large amount of meth. Both Diekmann and Kingswan were placed under arrest.

The bulk of the meth was in one large package and the rest was divided into four smaller sale packages. Also discovered in the vehicle was a digital scale, marijuana, $600 in cash and a black bag with unused Ziplock baggies.

The officer later met with Diekmann at the Martin County Jail, where Diekmann was advised of his rights and agreed to answer questions. Diekmann said all of the drugs in the vehicle were his. He also said there was “10 to 12 ounces” of meth and “some weed” in the vehicle.

The officer then met with Kingswan, who was advised of her rights. Kingswan denied any knowledge of meth in the vehicle, but admitted she would test positive for meth. Kingswan denied any knowledge of meth sales.

The officer informed her that the drug task force will typically write search warrants for phones and asked if she had anything on her phone that would connect her to drug sales. She admitted she did.


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