Student Activity Account accepting donations

FAIRMONT — During this season of giving, donations to the Fairmont High School Cardinal Student Activity Account are greatly appreciated.

Donations help fund a variety of activities for students in grades 7-12.

Traci Lardy, dean of students at the high school, explained that each school year, seventh- and eighth-grade students participate in a fund-raiser to help fill the account. They typically sell cookie dough.

“There are so many fundraisers that are selling something; it gets overwhelming,” Lardy said.

She believes fundraisers are important, but with so many organizations and classes selling items, she wants people to know they can simply donate.

“So many people say, ‘I’d love to just give money. I don’t need cookies or anything but I want to give,'” Lardy explained.

Jane Gustafson, activities administration assistant at the high school, noted, “It’s a tax-deductible donation. They can drop a check off at the school, mail it to the school or donate online through our school’s website. It’s a great way to support our school. Anyone from anywhere can go online and make a donation.”

Donations given by Dec. 18 qualify for a 2019 tax deduction. Receipts will be mailed to those who give by Dec. 31.

“If families can just give $10, or give what they can give, that account will grow and then we’ll be able to do more activities within the classroom or outside for trips,” Lardy noted.

Gustafson pointed out that fundraising companies take a large cut of what is sold.

“One hundred percent of the donation goes into the account,” Lardy said.

Some of the activities the account funds includes the eighth-grade courage retreat, the physics class trip to Valleyfair, the annual school-wide community service day project, 12th-grade wisdom retreat and many class field trips.

Each year, money is added to the account. If there is any left over, it carries over to the next year.

The money in the account is not state-funded and not used for sports programs. It is for extra activities and projects that help enhance learning experiences for all students.

“We would like to increase the amount that is in there to continue to do what we’re doing and to add more activities and provide more opportunities for students,” Lardy said.

Donations can be given through the school’s webstore at fairmont.k12.mn.us. Any questions can be directed to Lardy, who be reached at (507) 238-4411.


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