Martin County eyeing to-do list

FAIRMONT — There are many building projects in the works for Martin County, from the courthouse dome to security concerns, boiler replacements, fire alarms and more.

Maintenance supervisor Doug Borchardt offered an update this week on where projects stand.

He first mentioned the courthouse dome tuck-pointing project, which has to do with replacing weakened mortar joints. The project is being handled by architect/engineering firm ISG of Mankato.

“They were in a couple of weeks ago and the inside of the dome is done,” he said. “They took mortar out between the bricks, replaced some bricks, and they had to dry it out with some heaters and that’s going to be it until spring. For the replacement for the copper dome, we’re just waiting for design specifications.”

In another matter, Borchardt said he had three bids out for fire alarm panels at the courthouse and security building.

“I want to get one more bid, because with the bids comes the concern that they give us a bid but estimates don’t include code upgrades,” he said. “Two outside of town bids have me kind of wondering what could be added onto their bid.

“Last year, we had some problems with one in the courthouse, and then a couple of months ago we had problems with the one in the security building. We called the electrician and they said we’d better call the company. They came and checked it out and said it’s losing its memory.

“The courthouse one and the security building one tie together in the jail at annunciator. So the plan is to replace both panels at the courthouse and the security building, and the annunciator in the jail.”

Borchardt also talked about needed improvements to the county’s new vehicle storage facility at 1200 N. State St.

“We’re going to get a list of improvement suggestions from the architect and engineers, and I think we’re going to kind of pick and choose what we want to do when,” he said. “We’ll prioritize it and do a little bit at a time. The basic things are patching the roof, updating the electric, and the heat, but we’ve got a lot of decisions to make.”

Concerning other projects, Borchardt said:

o Engineering proposals are still being put together for boiler replacements for the Human Resources building.

o A generator replacement project for the security building will occur in the spring.

o Decisions still need to be made regarding service counters in the courthouse. Current counters will be extended by 12 inches to accommodate the addition of bullet-proof glass.

o Martin County Library director Jenny Trushenski is getting quotes for the elevator at the library in Fairmont. She is getting quotes for both car replacement and total replacement, due to the age of the elevator. Paul Hoye, city finance director of Fairmont, believes the city might be willing to go for a full repair for its half of expenses in 2020.

o In addition, the library roof is going to need to be replaced within two to three years.


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