Winnebago man facing felony charges

FAIRMONT — A Winnebago man is facing felony charges in Martin County.

Joshua Roger Kain, 38, has been charged with two counts of domestic assault. Each charge carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

According to the complaint:

On Nov. 20, Fairmont police officers were dispatched a residence in the 300 block of Winnebago Avenue in Fairmont on a report of a domestic disturbance in progress.

Upon arrival, an officer observed a man and woman who were restraining Kain. He was handcuffed and another officer observed that Kain was intoxicated.

Kain was unable to get up from the ground because of his high level of intoxication. Officers lifted Kain and he was placed in a squad vehicle.

The second officer then spoke with the woman, who said Kain came after her and kicked her. She explained that she was able to get him out of the house and sent him to a camper. She said she called some friends and then he came back into the house.

She said she then attempted to move him out of the house and he tried to strike her. She said she put him on the ground and restrained him. She also indicated she received an injury to her knuckle and that Kain had slapped her in the face, kicked her and attempted to hit her.

The officer transported Kain to the Martin County Jail. During the transport, Kain asked why he was going to jail and indicated he did not assault anybody. Kain became hostile and threatened to hurt the officer when he got the handcuffs off.

Another officer spoke with the second male at the residence, who indicated the woman and Kain were drinking all afternoon, prior to his arrival. He said he was in the kitchen cooking with a relative when he heard things escalating. He said he told Kain he needed to get out of the house.

The man said Kain was “getting really aggressive.” He also said Kain was being vulgar with the woman, and he saw Kain grabbing and shoving her.


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