Welcome evaluates street repairs

WELCOME – Welcome City Council this week received an update on the major street and infrastructure improvement project that has been ongoing this year.

Bolton & Menk engineer Wade Baarts noted some concerns raised after some council members and city employee Max Longley went on a recent walk-about to study the project’s progress.

The council approved putting off some blacktop work until spring because of the wet weather.

Baarts said all concerns should be resolved by June. Signs will be replaced; grading around the water tower will be completed; some catch basins will be cleaned; the Second Street boulevard will be filled in; and Fourth Street will become open to two-way traffic street sometime this week.

A citizen asked about parking at the Campbell Street Apartments and the difference in height between the parking area and the street. Baarts and the council addressed those concerns, explaining that signage will be completed by the contractor and the next level for the street will be done in the spring. Officials say the contractor is responsible for making the area compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Turning to other business, the council discussed the possible purchase of a grader from Lake Belt Township, with township board member Ralph Stanton present.

The city has concerns about needed repairs. The township will complete the repairs, such as replacing the front window and putting in a new water pump.

A small leak of antifreeze in the oil was discussed. CAT mechanics sent some service records to Longley. Councilman Scott Morrow will contact CAT with questions the council has about the 2008 grader, which has been used for 43,000 hours. Officials say the grader will replace one from the 1970s, and noted there is money in the equipment fund that may cover the cost.

The purchase of the grader was tabled until the council gets answers from the CAT mechanics.

In other business, the council:

o Approved a bid from Hometown Sanitation for local waste pickup. Council members noted this will coordinate with the recycling system in Welcome.


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