Truman weighs lighting problem

TRUMAN — Truman City Council on Monday discussed a complaint about dim lighting near the steps outside the community building.

The council talked about the pros and cons of solar-powered lights and LED lights.

Council member Kathy Hendricksen asked about putting up motion sensor lighting, and the council agreed it would be a good option. The city will look into the possibility.

In other news, the council discussed the time-tracking process for public utility workers. The employees currently manually write down the hours they work. The council is considering obtaining a computer program that would better track hours worked, time-off requests and vacation hours. It also would track time spent in different departments, i.e: electric, water and sewer.

The council recognized that a more advanced program also would save administrative assistant Sherry Hansen time compared to manually calculating hours worked and comp time.

Council member Jake Ebert recommended TSheets, a web-based and mobile time-tracking and employee scheduling app. TSheets is an alternative to a paper time sheet or punch cards.

“It’s super simple and way faster. I would like to see us do a free 30-day trial of it,” Ebert said.

The council made a motion to pursue switching over to TSheets.

In another matter, the council discussed a request from Truman Public Library worker Theresa Ricard to install a wall drop box outside the library. The request is due to the fact that since City Hall changed locations, no one is at the library to unlock the door until Ricard gets there at 1:30 p.m. She would like to see a way for people to drop off books and packages.

The council looked at drop box options and found the cheapest option to be $700, plus installation.

Hendricksen asked if someone could just unlock the door sooner to access the drop box inside.

The council decided to have another city employee unlock the door earlier. It will be locked when Ricard leaves at 5:30 p.m., when the library closes.

In other business, the council briefly discussed snow removal at the community building this season, as the person who did the work last year no longer wishes to do it. City administrator Bethanie Ekstrom asked whether a city employee could do it.

“When you need it done, everybody is going to be busy,” said council member Brian Nickerson.

Another individual, Trent Flatum, had expressed interest in the job, so the council gave it to him.


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