Sherburn annexes 7.6 acres

SHERBURN — About a dozen people attended a public hearing this week concerning the annexation of land to the city of Sherburn.

Questions about the township maintaining the gravel road and the ditch tax going to the township were answered in the affirmative.

Officials say the entry to the new truck wash tied to the annexation will be the road across from the Kum & Go gas station and the township road.

They said the south edge of the property is the gravel road.

The council tabled the matter of whether the site will have a separate street or entrance for more businesses as well as a fire exit.

City Attorney Jim Wilson said the city limits map will have to be changed.

After the public hearing, the council approved the annexation involving 7.6 acres.

The meeting continued with discussion about the community hall water problem and structural damage. The council has approved $25,000 to help with repairs but the estimate may be $100,000.

The group weighed possible options for repair and eliminating the water problem. Officials mentioned a possible membrane on the outside of the wall, and building a second wall with a drain and sump pump between the walls.

All agreed they would like to keep the building.

The council discussed appointing a committee to study options for the local parks. The dilapidated merry-go-round has been removed from the main park. Replacing a slide at the south park was discussed. The park committee may be asked to research options for playground equipment.

The council discussed some local concerns: vehicles without current license tabs, a boat parked behind the clinic, overdue water bills, cleaning gutters when sweeping streets so rain can drain properly and where the planters will be housed for the winter. City employees will look into the issues.

The next meeting of the council is 5 p.m. Oct. 21 at City Hall.