Duo facing drug charges

FAIRMONT — A Fairmont man and Lewisville man are facing multiple felony charges in Martin County.

Gregory Martin Green, 49, and Jamie Lynn Hatfield, 32, have been charged with one count each of drug possession in the third degree and narcotic sales in the third degree. Each charge carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

In addition, both have been charged with one count of drug possession in the fifth degree, which carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

According to the complaint:

On Aug. 30, a Fairmont police officer observed a vehicle parked at a residence associated with controlled substances. The officer had not seen the vehicle in the area before and ran the license plate, which came back to being registered out of Montevideo.

The vehicle left the residence after 20 minutes and the officer attempted to keep it under observation. The vehicle made a series of turns as if to elude the officer, and eventually the officer lost contact with the vehicle.

Later that evening, the officer observed the vehicle parked at the gas pumps at Kwik Trip in Fairmont. The officer again attempted to follow the vehicle, which traveled over the posted speed limit. The officer activated his lights and stopped the vehicle.

As the officer approached the vehicle, he recognized the passenger as Green, whom he knew from prior police contacts. The driver of the vehicle provided a driver’s license that had been punched as inactive. The license identified the driver as Hatfield.

When asked if the vehicle belonged to him, Hatfield said it belonged to a friend. Hatfield was unable to locate any proof of insurance.

The officer explained to Hatfield that he had been stopped for speeding and asked if there was anything illegal in the car. Hatfield said no and provided the officer permission to search the vehicle. Hatfield also consented to the officer running a K-9 around the vehicle.

The officer asked Green to step from the vehicle. As Green stepped out, another officer heard something crunch. In the grass area where the officer heard the crunch, he located a clear plastic film canister-style container with obvious meth residue on it. The first officer swabbed the broken canister and it tested positive for meth.

It appeared to the second officer that the canister had just been placed on the ground as the grass in the area had dew on it and there was no moisture on the top of the canister. The officer patted down Green and located an open cigarette package containing several unused Ziplock bags.

The first officer looked through the open window of the car and observed meth shards all over Green’s passenger seat and the floor. Also found in the vehicle were a meth pipe with meth residue and a digital scale. Hatfield and Green were transported to the Martin County jail.

As the first officer reviewed his squad video, he saw something get thrown out of the vehicle prior to the car making one of its turns. After returning to the area, the officer collected two large bags of a substance that later tested positive for meth.

The Fairmont Elementary School and playground is located directly across the street from where the drugs and canister were thrown by Green from the vehicle.