Sherburn truck wash generating questions

SHERBURN — Sherburn City Council continues to face questions about a proposed truck wash in town.

At the council meeting this week, a citizen offered concerns about the project.

She said the map of the project does not indicate a lounge building for showers.

She also wondered about the number of acres (7.6) proposed to be annexed. Council members told her the acres toward the township road were added on the advice of the City Attorney so they can be zoned commercial, in case other buildings may be added, although none are planned now.

Officials assured her that no animal waste will go into the city sewer system, and that semi trucks are not allowed on Temperance Lake Road. They explained where semi traffic is proposed to go.

At the council’s next meeting at 5 p.m. Oct. 7 at City Hall, there will be a public hearing about the annexation of properties near the proposed truck wash.

In other business, the council:

o Accepted a donation of $5,000 from Bank Midwest to the Sherburn Fire Department for upgrades.

o Approved canceling the tax abatement and debt service levies since the city has sufficient cash flow and does not need them.

o Approved a preliminary 2020 budget and tax levy with a maximum levy increase of 7 percent. The levy can go down but not up when the council approves a final figure in December.

o Discussed the former Assembly of God church property. Council member Karlee Hunter observed the church inventory. She said there are not a lot of things in the church and suggested what is there could be donated. The council agreed it would like the property used for something by someone.

Neighbors of the church property are concerned about the parking of campers on site. The city has liability waivers signed and charges $20 per month. The council decided to allow the campers this winter but not allow them next year.

o Approved a request by the ambulance team to buy a new defibrillator. The ambulance team will look to the Martin County Area Foundation for a grant and asked the city for funds. The city has a fund started to replace the defibrillator, which will cost about $28,000.

o Discussed a sign (or mural) on property at 101 Main St. City officials say the owner needs to get a permit since the sign exceeds the 40-square foot ordinance size. A letter will be sent to the owner and the council will contact the City Attorney.


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