Blue Earth Area gets off to good start

BLUE EARTH — “We have had a phenomenal start to the school year,” Superintendent Mandy Fletcher told the Blue Earth Area School Board earlier this week.

This year, administrators and faculty brought a more festive atmosphere to the beginning of school.

“We had the pep band, cheerleaders, our mascot and staff greeting the kids on their first day,” Fletcher said. “We want to build good relationships with the students.”

She also had some preliminary enrollment numbers for the board.

“These are not official yet, but so far we have 1,042 students enrolled compared to 1,026 last year,” Fletcher said. “We also have more adds than drops this year.”

Fletcher also updated the board on the progress of maintenance projects within the district.

“The high school parking lot is done except for putting up some signs, and the boiler plant at the high school should be up and running within a week,” she said. “The work on the roof over the locker rooms is almost done and the carpet replacement in 12 of the rooms at the high school is complete. The new tile was installed at the middle school this summer.”

Fletcher mentioned the upcoming informational meetings that will be held around the district, and said the school website will soon have more information about the referendum.

“We will be putting a link on the school website which will allow district residents to determine the tax implications the proposed referendum would have on their property,” Fletcher explained. “There will also be a how-to video explaining how to navigate through the process.”